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Unusual Foods Your Nine-Month-Old Can Eat

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Everyone knows about the standard things a nine-month-old can eat, but if your baby is getting tired of blueberries and peas, you may start looking for new food choices. Here are some interesting and unusual meal options you may not have thought of before.


Now that your child can eat things like crackers and bite-size pieces of bagels, you can add a bit of hummus on top of these snacks. This gives you the opportunity to introduce them to a wide variety of flavors in small portions. Hummus comes in dozens of flavors and is incredibly healthy for both baby and you. Your child can try bell peppers, garlic, onions, or even pine nuts in an easy-to-eat way when you introduce them to hummus.

Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices can often be overlooked because parents hear things like "feed your child soft, bite sized vegetables," and they assume this means plain steamed vegetables. What most people don't realize is that you can lightly season those veggies with garlic, basil, rosemary, and dill. Other soft foods can be flavored with vanilla, lemon zest, cinnamon, and even nutmeg. It's always important to only try one new thing at a time so that if your child has a reaction, you will know what caused the issue.


When it comes to your offspring, you want them to have food that is healthy and nutritious. Your nine-month-old can now enjoy quinoa. It is full of wonderful things like protein, minerals, and fiber. You'll be delighted to know that this superfood also has iron and potassium in it, as well as magnesium and folate. So many great nutrients can be found in quinoa, and it can be prepared in so many different ways, your child won't be bored.


Tofu is probably not something you pick up at the store unless you're vegan, but your baby can eat this soft soy product. This particular item has a high percentage of protein and B vitamins. One of the best things about tofu is how easy it is to digest, even for babies. Another fabulous thing about tofu is how it takes on the flavor of whatever it is cooked with, such as meat, vegetables or even herbs.

No matter which of these healthy foods you decide to let your child try, remember to always introduce only one new food at a time. Soft foods are the best thing for children who are still learning how to chew and how to feed themselves, especially if they don't have a full mouth of teeth. If your child doesn't like one of these choices, don't be discouraged; there are many more options you simply haven't discovered yet. Speak with a pediatrician for more ideas.