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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Robotic Hysterectomy?

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In the past, when a woman needed a hysterectomy, it meant that she would have an open surgery that would leave a scar on her abdomen. The incision was made in either an up and down or side to side pattern and the opening was large enough to remove the woman's uterus through. Fortunately, recent medical technology has made a hysterectomy a much less invasive form of surgery.

Depending on their health, many women are good candidates for a robotic hysterectomy instead. This surgery is performed by using an ergonomic surgery system that has built-in robotic arms, a 3D HD vision system and miniature instruments that allow for more precision movements. These are the benefits that this procedure has to offer.

Less Pain and Scarring 

A robotic hysterectomy does not leave a large scar like an open hysterectomy does. With the special tools and advanced vision system, the surgeon can make a few small incisions which leave very little scarring. In some cases, this surgery may be performed by only making one small incision.

Since the incisions are very small, the patient will also have less blood loss during the surgery. The amount of pain the patient has is also greatly reduced which can also mean that time spent in the hospital is also shortened.

Less Chance For Infection 

With the ability to use much smaller instruments to perform the surgery, this also means that the incisions made inside the abdominal area to detach the uterus are smaller and more precise. This reduces the chance that infection will develop inside the body as well as on the outside where the initial incisions are made.

By having a highly magnified view of the procedure, the surgeon is less likely to make any accidental nicks in the organs surrounding the uterus. This view also gives the surgeon the ability to make tighter sutures to the inside incisions so that the healing process is faster and infection is less likely to occur.

Faster Recovery Time 

Open hysterectomy surgeries often require women to allow at least six to eight weeks before returning to their normal daily routine or going back to work. However, this recovery time is substantially reduced when a robotic hysterectomy is performed. As long as the patient has healed properly, many can regain their normal lifestyle in as little as two weeks.

With the many benefits that robotic surgery has to offer, it is a good idea to find out if you may be a good candidate for it before having an open hysterectomy. If so, the hysterectomy may be a much easier experience than you originally expected.