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Learn What To Do If Your Teen Comes Home With A Broken Nose

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Children and teenagers can get hurt when they are playing and it is important to know how to handle just about any situation that could possibly occur with your child to ensure you can get them the care they need when they need it. When you see your child come into your home with a bloody nose that looks misaligned, it can be hard to know what to do, especially if you have never had to handle a broken nose before. If your child has been hit in the nose and you think that it may be broken, use the following guide to learn what to do.

Apply Ice Immediately

Apply an ice pack to your child's nose right away. You want to limit the swelling that will take place so that medical professionals can get a good look at the injury. If their nose swells a lot, it could also add a lot of pressure to the injured area, which could increase the pain that your child feels.

Do Not Pinch Their Nose

It is important to avoid pinching your child's nose in an effort to stop the bleeding. When a nose breaks, it often starts to bleed, but pinching it could cause bones to rub together and cause even more damage to the area. You can hold a towel under their nose, but make sure to tell your child not to squeeze their nose at all.

Do Not Give Them Any Medication

It can be tempting to give your child pain medication right away because they will be in pain. Do not give them any medications to ensure that when you take them to get their nose treated, they can get pain relievers from the medical professionals. There are some medications that do not react well with one another and waiting to let the professionals administer pain relievers ensures that you do not give your child anything that could react adversely with any pain medications they want to give them.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Take your child to an urgent care center right away to have the break treated. You do not want to wait to treat the injury because it could be majorly broken to the point that parts of the bone could have broken off and need to be removed. X-rays will need to be done to determine the severity of the damage done to your child's nose.

Your child will more than likely be in pain for the next few days while the break heals. You will need to take them to their doctor to check to make sure that the break is healing properly. If the doctor finds that the break is not healing properly, your child's nose may need to be reset or may need to have surgery to realign it properly. Visit a clinic, such as Alaska Urgent Care LLC, for help.