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Are You Interested In Finding A Primary Care Physician?

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Are you a woman who is past the years when you were having babies?  If that's the case, maybe you are looking for family practice that will meet both your needs and the needs of your other family members. With that in mind, from finding a primary care physician to establishing yourself as a new patient, here are some ideas that might help you to make the transition from having multiple doctors to having just one doctor. 

Find A Single Primary Care Physician - Any of the doctors you have used in the past, such as your ob-gyn doctor, will be happy to refer you to a primary care physician. The referring doctor will more than likely personally know which doctor will be the right one for you. For example, if your previous doctor was a female and she knows that you would prefer to also be cared for by a female primary care physician, she will probably give you names of female primary care doctors that she knows in the medical community of your town or in your area of a larger city.

There's more to consider when you are changing doctors, though. For example, does the doctor you might select have physician's assistants that you feel you can trust? In addition, think of the times that you will need things like lab work done. That will more than likely happen more than once in your remaining years. Doesn't it make good sense to select a primary care physician who has a lab right at his or her medical facility, or at least one that is close by? The same goes for prescriptions that you may have to fill. Is the primary care physician's practice close to a good pharmacy? 

Get Established With Primary Care Physician Services - If you have children, it is more than likely that they'll eventually need medical checkups for activities like attending camp and for enrolling in sports programs. Besides well-checkups, there is always the possibility of one of you getting sick. By establishing yourself and your family as patients early, it will probably be a lot easier for you to secure an appointment at a time that is convenient.  

Bring all medical records you have in your possession, or arrange for them to be sent to your new primary care physician by your previous doctor or doctors. In addition, consider filling out questionnaires before they are needed. You might even be able to do that online.

For more information, contact the clinic of the primary care physician you are considering.