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Working With A Doula During Your Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and stressful periods of your life. In addition to the changes that your daily routine will have to accommodate, there will be increased medical and personal needs that will have to be met. As a result, developing a comprehensive support network can be vital for allowing your pregnancy to proceed as free of problems as possible.

Is A Doula The Same Working With A Midwife?

Working with a doula can make it far easier to meet a variety of your needs during pregnancy. However, individuals should avoid assuming that these professionals will be the same as a midwife. In practice, a midwife will provide medical care both during the pregnancy as well as during childbirth. This is an important distinction to understand as it means that you will be able to work with both a doula and a midwife during your pregnancy. In fact, it is common for the doula and midwife to work together to ensure the expectant mother is receiving the care and support that will be needed for a problem-free birth.

How Can A Doula Assist Your Pregnancy?

While a doula will not be able ot provide you with medical care, they can assist in a number of other ways. For example, a doula will be able to help teach important breathing techniques that will make the childbirth process easier. Furthermore, the doula will be able to answer questions and otherwise provide invaluable guidance to the expectant mother. Additionally, a professional doula will be able to offer massages and other stress-relieving services to help the mother cope with the physical and emotional stress that a pregnancy will create.

How Often Will You Work With The Doula?

During a pregnancy, there will be an almost endless number of appointments and other tasks that will have to be completed. As a result, expectant mothers are often rightly cautious about overloading their schedules during this challenging time. Fortunately, a doula will be able to offer an extremely flexible schedule for their clients so that you are able to receive the right amount of support for your pregnancy. Furthermore, these professionals will visit your home so that you can avoid the stress and hassle of having to travel to an office. It is common for individuals to use a doula fairly sparingly during the early stages of the pregnancy and to gradually increase their use of the doula for the later stages.

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