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Is Your Child Heading Off To Kindergarten This Year? How To Help Them Avoid Problems With Their Hearing Aids

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If your kindergartner wears hearing aids, it's time to prepare them for school. This may be the first time your child's been in social settings without you. That means you'll need to make sure they're ready for potential problems that might pop up. Here are four tips that will help you avoid hearing aid problems during school this year. 

Prepare Your Child for Questions

If your child is heading to kindergarten this year, prepare them for questions. Their classmates may be curious about your child's hearing aids. If your child isn't prepared, they may not know how to answer those questions. Unfortunately, that could create stressful situations for your child. Before your child heads off to school for the first time, sit down and talk to them about some of the questions they may be asked. That way, your child will be ready with answers on that first day of school. 

Pack an Emergency Kit

If your child wears hearing aids, you'll need to make sure they're ready to take care of emergency situations. Dead batteries can be a major problem for children, especially in a school setting. While you're gathering your child's school supplies, take the time to put an emergency kit together. This kit should include spare hearing aid batteries and a cleaning kit. If your child hasn't learned how to replace their batteries, or use the cleaning kit, give instructions to their teacher. That way, your child has someone nearby who can give them the help they need with their hearing aid. 

Keep Them in Place

If your child is like most kindergartners, they like to keep busy. But, hearing aids can fall out during active play. Unfortunately, if hearing aids fall out on the playground, they can be severely damaged. The best way to avoid that is to make sure they stay in place during the day. There are many devices you can use to help to keep your child's hearing aids in place. Before your child heads off to kindergarten, invest in wig tape or hearing aid clips. Wig tape can be used to secure the hearing aid to your child's ears. Hearing aid clips attach to the hearing aids and can be clipped to your child's clothing. Both options help to prevent playground accidents. 

Have a Spare

Finally, if your child is going to kindergarten, make sure you have at least one spare hearing aid at home. You never know when an accident is going to happen with your child's hearing aids. When one does, you want to make sure that your child can still hear while their primary hearing aid is being repaired.

To learn more information about taking care of hearing aids, reach out to a professional near you.