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Faqs About Eye Examinations

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Poor vision can develop at any age in life, and sometimes it is related to an underlying medical condition. Sometimes people continue to live with poor vision until it deteriorates to the extent of being unable to be ignored. Just like other parts of the body, your eyes should be monitored for problems throughout your life by undergoing occasional examinations. Getting an eye examination does not only point out the deteriorating vision and the cause but an array of other health conditions as well. If you have never had your eyes examined by an optometrist, it is time to do so even if you believe your eye health is in a good condition.

What Are the Benefits of an Eye Examination? 

The most obvious benefit of an eye examination is finding out if your vision needs to be corrected. An optometrist can also assess the arteries in your eyes to pinpoint other health problems. For example, an eye examination can give an optometrist an idea of whether you have diabetes. If a health condition as such is a concern, you can make an appointment with the most relevant doctor for the condition for a more thorough assessment. There is an array of other health conditions that can be diagnosed by an eye doctor, as blurred vision is often one of the symptoms that come along with the conditions.

How Does an Optometrist Examine Eyes?

To assess your eye health, an optometrist will run a series of tests using specific equipment. For example, a common eye condition called glaucoma can be assessed by using a machine that blows a puff of air into your eyes to monitor your reaction. Another test that will be performed is a slit lamp test that involves placing your chin on a chin rest while the optometrist shines a light into your eyes from various angles that to look for eye disease. You will also have to read what is presented to you on an eye chart via an instrument called a phoropter.

Why Should Someone Wear Eyeglasses?

Wearing eyeglasses can be life-changing for deteriorating vision, especially when driving and watching television. You can also stop putting strain on your eyes by wearing eyeglasses, which can alleviate constant headaches from the strain. The nonmedical benefits of wearing eyeglasses include looking stylish and smarter. There are numerous styles of frames to choose between that are available in an array of price ranges to accommodate your budget.

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