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3 Benefits Of Mobile Drug Testing

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If your company has a drug-testing program, then you have to find the best way to test your employees. While you can send them to a lab or clinic, you can also use mobile testing services. Here, the testing company comes to your premises. They usually have a fully-kitted truck that works as a testing facility. What are the benefits of using a mobile drug testing service?

1. Get Better Control of Your Testing Schedule

If you test multiple people at a time, then you might struggle to get all your testing done in a short timeframe. People might not all have a test at the same time. Plus, work commitments might delay some tests and their results. Some people might not be able to take time out of their jobs to go to an off-site lab or clinic for an immediate test. So, you might have a longer wait to get all your results.

Mobile services make things easier. The testing vehicle sets up on your site, probably in a parking lot. You then notify anyone who needs a test. They then simply pop outside to be tested. Even the busiest of employees can find the time it will take to get this job done. You can test all the employees on your list in one session. Your results will all come in at the same time. You get better control of the process.

2. Reduce Lost Working Time

If you send employees to an off-site lab or clinic for their drug tests, then you have lost working time. People will have to leave work, drive to the center, have the test, and then drive back again. This lost time is downtime. If they aren't on the premises, then they can't work.

If you bring a mobile testing service to your site, then you reduce this lost working time and its costs. People can have their tests faster. They'll be away from their jobs for less time.

3. Prevent Drug Test Cheating

If one of your employees doesn't want to take a drug test because they know they will test positive, then they might try to manipulate the test. For example, they might delay going to a lab or clinic until they know they will test clean. People find it easier to cheat if you use off-site testing. However, if you use a mobile service, then people have no excuse not to have an on-site test at your chosen time.

Contact a local mobile drug testing service to learn more.